The first user-friendly education platform with the necessary tools for self-learning to read and send Morse code.

EdTech platform with structured step-by-step self-learning of Morse code.

We bring together the most important components of any modern edtech platform and Morse code courses:
Audio-Visual Lessons to read and send Morse Code
Courses for Beginners and Professionals
Peer Support
Trainer for 10 to 200 words per minute
Progress tracking
Encoding and Decoding from video or audio
How to learn Morse code with MorseLearn?
Choose a Course
The test determines your level and will select the course you need.
Start Lessons
Start with three free lessons then choose the subscription you want.
Theory and Practice at same time
Listen and watch the lesson to memorize the code and immediately practice reading it.
and then immediately practice reading it.
  • 5 minutes for 30 days

    you can achieve a basic level of reading and sending Morse code
  • Around 100 million

    you can find Morse code enthusiasts worldwide
  • 8 courses of 40 lessons
    to reach the Beginner, Amateur, Pro and Advanced levels.

Learning Morse Code Enhances Neuroplasticity: A Study on Brain Changes

he research highlights that acquiring Morse code induces alterations in the white matter structure of the brain, akin to changes observed during language learning. Morse code learning serves as a controlled and efficient method for evaluating language acquisition compared to traditional language learning approaches. Previous studies have illustrated that learning Morse code triggers functional modifications in the brain when processing auditory Morse code signals, activating cognitive networks associated with language processing. This study builds upon these findings, demonstrating that the white matter pathways connecting these brain regions also undergo modifications, indicating white matter plasticity linked to the learning process.
*DTI study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information

The study shows that learning Morse code changes the structure of a part of the brain called the inferior longitudinal fasciculus.
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